Monday, April 25, 2011

He's Here!

Maxwell Alexander Pinedo

Thursday, November 4, 2010

And..... its a BOY!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'll never catch up!

Life is as crazy as ever! I am sure nobody reads my blog but I do it for myself. After two and half years Mario and I are finally pregnant. I am so happy to be bringing a new life into the world! I have been sick and lost 20lbs but I will take the pain so I can feel the greatest joy! Maybe soon I will post my ultrasound photos. I am currently 13weeks and I am due sometime around St. Patrick's day! How exciting!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We have been very busy lately, what with buying a house and all! Mario and I have taken a leap of faith and invested so major coin and bought a beautiful 4bed 2bath house out in the middle of nowhere! We couldn't be happier! I am having a fun time decorating and believe it or not Mario is quite the fashionisto! It is good for the two of us to have eachother. We act as a checks and balances. His style is super loud and mine is pretty boring! So together we have clean lines and bright colors! 'Tis glorious! We are officially turning in to grown ups!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Anaheim Leg of the Trip!

We volunteered and got a day free to California Adventure. So fun!
Right after soarin' (I look like I am high as a kite! Get it High/Soarin'?) :D

I got wet! I was clearly pretty happy! ;)
Mario's first rollercoaster (My baby is a little bit of a 'fraidy cat) we even road in the very front. Mario was so mad at me, he told me before we even got in line that he absolutely would not ride in the front. But, I was able to pressure him into it. He ended up falling in love with it!

Tower of Terror. Do I look terrified?

Now M is being a little scared.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

PS This is the most fantastical thing we ate the whole time!

Mario and I recently had the pleasure of taking a trip to San Diego. This may have been my favorite spring break of my whole life of living. :D This photo is us before dinner at The Fish Market. We waited for 45 and the food was pretty poor. But, at least the view was fantastic. It is right on the water and is absolutely gorgeous! The way all the lights looked as the reflected off the water was breath taking.

Doesn't Mario look so sexy with his new glasses? PS I don't really know why we took the picture right in front of an ugly glass cube pillar.
By the end of every night I was so exhausted. I was about to fall over at this point.

I don't even care that I look like a piece of crap that washed up onto the beach. That is how you know you had a good time! :D

Kissing the War Goodbye statue (it is huge in case you couldn't tell)

We went on a harbor cruise and this is the awesome warship that passed us by. I don't remember exactly what it was doing but it totally blew it's horn at us. So we got out the way!

I thought this photo was especially artsy fartsy. I am mos def not the photographer of the family so this is just the raw awesomeness which we had the pleasure of beholding!

We lurve eachother!

I may look a little rambo-esc but it was windy and the headband kept the hair out of my face. So, don't hate!
We had such a great time and it may be the last vacay we take for a minute because we have something else that is going to be sucking up all of our money. I will give the skinny when everything is official!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Year!

I know we can hardly call it the the new year but, I am a little slow! :D I have started my Pharm. Tech. classes. I'll tell you what, they are kicking my trash!!! I suppose this is the way things go! Mario has been working ridiculous hours and has been really tired lately. Because both of us are so busy and stressed out we have been neglecting our chores. Our apartment is a pigsty! Sooner or later we will catch up on the house work. Mario and I are getting ready to go on vacation in 9 days! We are going to San Diego for a few days and also California Adventure for 1 day. We are so excited. It is our first real vacation. We are planning a lot of fun activities and can't wait to post some photos! I'll bet you are just chomping at the bit in anticipation ;)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thought Provoking TV.

So I am sitting her watching "Teen Mom" and I see the way these couples treat each other. I don't want to sound like I live a cake life but I am married to a man who treats me very well and inspires me to reciprocate that respect. When we were younger people told us that we were doing things the hard way because we dated for 2o months and lived seperately until we were married. Yes, it was a challenge but we really got to know each other. Besides getting to know each other well we were able to understand what the other person wanted out of our relationship. We are far from perfect and are still learning to communicate in a more positive manner. I am just grateful for what I have and what we are working toward!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zoo Lights

We recently went to "Zoo Lights" at Reid Park Zoo. It was so fun but in the restroom there was this amazing picture on the stall door. If you know me well you also probably know how afraid of birds I am! Ahhhhhh!!! I will offer the following photo as evidence to my reaction to the foul kind.

Christmas break has been really fantastic! I have enjoyed my sweetheart, he has had a schedule change so he has been home a lot more. I am so loving it! I know I must sound like a mushy sap but my husband is honestly my best friend! We are like any other couple; we have our ups and downs but at the end of the day Mario is the most forgiving/forgivable person I know. Plus, he totally gets me! Isn't that what matters most?